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In the meantime, if you're curious about what a Unity Spiritual Community is about, here's a brief description. Unity was founded on the principle that Christianity must be practical – its practice must lift our lives, enhance our awareness and promote our happiness – if its teachings are valid. We teach that God is loving, every-where present, all-knowing and all-powerful. Sin is merely an error that can be corrected. There is no evil power, only evil behavior that stems from a lack of awareness of God’s Love. Prayer and meditation are tools for our increased awareness. The Bible is our textbook, containing many wonderful myths and historical incidents that represent the truth of our being; but that truth is far more glorious than mere words can express, hence the need for allegory, metaphor and allusion. But we realize that our teachings are not the only expression of Truth. We regard Jesus as a brother and way-shower, as our master teacher. We are each unique and beautiful, albeit imperfect, expressions of the indwelling Christ that Jesus so perfectly demonstrated. We recognize the other religious traditions of the West, the East and the indigenous cultures of the world as appropriate, and similarly metaphorical, expressions of Truth.