Making Best Use of the Member Directory

Welcome to Living Water Spiritual Community’s online directory! Its purpose is to give you and the other community members another opportunity to connect with others of similar interests to share activities, discussions or connections. It is our intention to make this a safe, easily accessible resource to help you build connections with others in our community.

The directory is labeled “Members” on the menu. To ensure the information contained is accessible only to local or trusted online members of our community, each registrant will be vetted by our web administrator before access to the directory is permitted. As a result, a new user must first register and be “approved” before being able to see any other member’s profile. The approval process may involve an email “conversation” with the registrant before the registrant is permitted access to the directory.


If you have not yet “registered” for the online member directory, when opening the Members menu item, you will be presented with a Login/Registration page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Register button.

The Registration screen allows you to define your username, your password and enter your first and last name. It also allows you to specify your city of residence and the reasons you are wanting access to the online member directory — both of which will be useful as the web administrator determines your access to the directory.

For a discussion of the additional information you may enter here, see the editing of the profile in the following paragraphs.

Once completed, click the “register” button. The web administrator will be notified by email that  new registration is pending approval. In the interest of protecting the confidentiality desired by many of our online community directory members,  the web administrator may email  you with additional questions. The web administrator will expedite the review of your application; upon its approval, you will have access to the directory using your username and password.

Edit Profile

At the beginning of the directory are the fields you can use for searching for others in the directory. These will be particularly useful as you find others that share your interests — but, for now, scroll down to the first directory entries. Each page will contain 21 member entries (smartphones will contain 15 member entries), you can select later or prior pages at the bottom of each page. Each entry in the directory displays a member photo (or Unity “pineapple”), a cover photo or blank image, name and email address and any social media links you provide. Clicking on any given member photo will pull up that member’s profile.

When you click on your own member photo, your profile will be editable by clicking on the “gear” icon located under your currently blank cover photo at the top of your profile. The only required information in your profile is your first and last names and your email address. All other information is optional — but the more information you supply, the more connections within our community you are likely to make.

Select the gear icon and select “Edit Profile”. Now you can enter or change your chosen information (username cannot be altered). Remember, the only required information that needs to be revealed in your profile is your email address. But providing additional information will allow your future friends to more easily see your shared interests and more quickly contact you.

The biographical information under your profile photo can be up to 1450 characters — not enough to write a book but enough to provide interesting hooks about your life. When you include interesting background, you’ll find conversations are much easier to start with people you don’t know. Don’t be afraid to be illuminating .

A note on the “Interests” list — this is intended to be the primary means for finding others with similar interests (you might be surprised to find out how many others DO share your interests). To make the Interests category reliably searched, it is necessary to have a fixed list from which you can select your chosen interests. You make select up to 20 different interests by scrolling down the list, highlighting the interest(s) chosen and pressing Enter.

If you have interests not included in the list, indicate those in “Other Interests and Service Ideas” below this field and email the website administrator with your other interests or service ideas. The website administrator will add those other interests to the pre-defined Interests list and those added will also be selected for you in your chosen Interests list. Others will then be able to find you as having selected an Interest for which they search. Your entries here are only to inform the website administrator of additional interests to make available in the Interests selections. These will be added to your chosen Interests as the website administrator updates the Interests list with your identified additional Interests.

“Areas in which I’d like to serve” is intended to identify activities within our spiritual community as well as in the greater community in which you’d like to invest your energies. Perhaps you’d like to give some service activity a try but want to do it with someone you know? Indicate that area of service here and search for others in the directory that have that same desire. If the activity you’d like to serve is not listed here, indicate the activity in the “Other Interests and Service Ideas” and email the website administrator with your suggesstions. Likewise, those service ideas listed in the “Other..” field will be added to the searchable field and added to your list.

A note on the “Proximity to Living Water Center” — this is intended to show your approximate location without revealing your address to provide others an idea in what neighborhood you live and maintain your privacy. See map to determine your locale relative to the Center.

Some profile photos have already been posted in the member directory, although these may be archive photos you will want to change. To update your profile, go to your profile by selecting the profile image in the directory listing, then select the profile image again once in your profile and select “Upload Photo”. Navigate to your chosen photo (the image must be at least 190 pixels wide); once uploaded, you can move the “cropping square” to select the image composition. You can also select a corner handle of the cropping square and extend the cropping to a larger area of your chosen photo. The directory will include that larger image but resize it to 190×190 pixels. It is suggested the face of the image be at least two-thirds of the image area to make your photo recognizable to the directory user. If you would like, Kay Ford Johnsen has volunteered to be our “Directory Photographer”. She can take your image on Sunday. She’s ready — just ask her to snap a few photos for your selection.

You can also upload a “cover photo” of a favorite vacation spot, a memorable event you wouldn’t mind discussing, a representation of a favorite activity or a favorite group of people (perhaps a family photo or a volunteer team of an activity you’re passionate about). That image needs to be at least 1000 pixels wide. Larger images will be resized to fit but smaller images will be automatically rejected.

Upon completion of your editing, click on the “check mark” located where the “gear” icon was located — below the cover image and to the right. this will save your edited information.

Another item — when you exit the member directory (such as closing the window, going to another web address, or putting your computer in hibernate), you may be still logged in to the directory. In that case, you’ll notice that when you re-access the member directory, it may be displayed for you without logging in. If more than one person is using your computer/smartphone/tablet, and you do not have to log in when entering the directory, it may be because the other user of the system did not log out — thus you would not be able to access your profile to edit, only the other member’s profile using your device. If you are wanting to change/update your profile information, open the other device user’s profile, click on the displayed “gear” icon and select “Log Out”. Re-enter the member directory from the main menu and log in as you normally would. You will then have access to edit your profile. With more than one user using your device, it is a good practice to log out each time you leave the member directory by accessing your profile as described above.

Search Directory

Having difficulty putting a name to a face? Use the Members directory to scan the profile images.

Want to find others with interests like yours? Use the “Interests” search field to select single topics of interest from the pull-down list (click on the down arrowhead to the right of the search box, scroll down the list and press “Enter” when the chosen search argument is highlighted). The search engine uses “AND” logic to complete its task; if more than one search argument is indicated, all search arguments must be matched in order to return results. Tip: use only one search argument per search whenever possible. If you want to search different fields, click the “Reset” button before the new search argument(s) is(are) identified.

Interested in serving the community but want to do it with someone you know? Use the “Areas in which I’d like to serve” field.

Looking for someone in your area of the city? Use the “Proximity to Living Water Center” field. Again, imagine the Living Water Center located in the center of concentric circles, each having a mile larger radius than the next smaller. Now imagine eight cones radiating from the center of the circles, each cone centered on one of eight cardinal directions — N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW. Each sector is identified with the distance to the circle and the “cardinal cone”. For example, you live in the sector 5 SW and you want to locate members in or adjacent to your sector. You can search for 5 SW, 4 SW, 6 SW, 5 S or 5 W to find their nearby community members. Remember your search argument must match the information so be sure to have the distance separated by one space from the cardinal direction (N, NE, E, etc).

If you move your residence, be sure to inform the web administrator with your new address so your new sector can be identified and inserted in your profile.

Thank You!

To make this online directory most useful to the community, please update your profile as soon as any relevant information changes.

Thank you for your participation in this fun, community-building project! What discoveries are you about to make? What relationships are about to form? 🙂

Please encourage your friends in our spiritual community to also register on the member directory. A full directory is a useful and well-used directory. Please help us make it so.


If you have any suggestions, please forward them to Rev. David.