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America’s Role in the World

Nobel Lecture — December 10, 2002 by President Carter — Eloquently expressing America’s role in the 21st Century, Carter calls upon each and every citizen to take part on the world stage

True Forgiveness

Broken by Blame, Lifted by Love by Rev. David Ridge — Traditional forgiveness does not work. David Ridge shows how we each have the power to release every hurt, to heal every wound. Published originally in Unity Magazine in October, 1998, the article is now part of an ebook available on Amazon Kindle, Joy: A Simple Choice.

On Prayer

Prayer as a Tool for Spiritual Awakening by Rev. David Ridge — One purpose of prayer is to change our own consciousness.

Metaphysics in the Hebrew Scriptures

Chaos in the Old Testament by Rev. David Ridge — An examination of the dynamics of social change through the lens of chaos theory or “The power of chaos can be harnessed as a good thing”.

On Civil Disobedience

Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963 by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — A powerful testament to the power and passion of this great man of the twentieth century.

Acts of Hope by Rebecca Solnit — When we are challenged by an apparent failure, such as the pro-peace movement’s effect on the execution of the Iraq War, we can gain inspiration by the effects not seen, gain impetus by the realization that consciousness IS moving forward and upward.

Parody of Biblical Interpretation

Letter to Dr. Laura — Laura Schlessinger, the host of a syndicated TV talk show, has condemned a homosexual lifestyle as an “abomination”, citing the book of Leviticus as her authority for that judgment. This “letter from a fan” points out the absurdity of making such an assertion on Biblical authority.

Online Member Directory

Making Best Use of the Online Member Directory —¬†Our protected online member directory has several features that will allow you to connect with others of similar interests. Check it out.

Proximity Map

An important part of the Online Member Directory is to identify your location to better determine your¬†neighbors” in the community, whether that be to choose with whom to share activities or to share a ride to a community function, etc. This map will help you determine your proximity.

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