General Information


Unity was founded on the principle that Christianity must be practical – its practice must lift our lives, enhance our awareness and promote our happiness – if its teachings are valid. We teach that God is loving, every-where present, all-knowing and all-powerful. Sin is merely an error that can be corrected. There is no evil power, only evil behavior that stems from a lack of awareness of God’s Love. Prayer and meditation are tools for our increased awareness. The Bible is our textbook, containing many wonderful myths and historical incidents that represent the truth of our being; but that truth is far more glorious than mere words can express, hence the need for allegory, metaphor and allusion. But we realize that our teachings are not the only expression of Truth. We regard Jesus as a brother and way-shower, as our master teacher. We are each unique and beautiful, albeit imperfect, expressions of the indwelling Christ that Jesus so perfectly demonstrated. We recognize the other religious traditions of the West, the East and the indigenous cultures of the world as appropriate, and similarly metaphorical, expressions of Truth.

Youth Programs

The Youth Education programs – including Sunday School, toddler care, and the soon to be launched Uniteens and Y.O.U. programs – are designed to help our children discover the beauty and grandeur that lies within each of them.

The expressive arts – from painting to poetry, from drama to dance – provide a means by which they will learn that the indwelling Christ continuously and creatively expresses through them. Our vision is that our church community will provide a loving forum in which our children can explore and express their inherent, creative talents.

Penned by a member of a Y.O.U. chapter of another church some years ago, this poem demonstrates what our youth programs teach:

What Do You See?

What do you see when you look at me?
Do you see the Christ that I can be?
Do you see the love that fills my soul?
Do you see the wonders yet untold?
Do you see all that’s good and true?
You should, you know… I’m reflecting you!
— Harriet Barrett-Chezem

Adult Programs

The “classroom” of Living Water Unity includes studies in:
Bible interpretation,
prayer and meditation,
Unity metaphysics,
prosperity principles,
A Course in Miracles,
religions of the world.

The “laboratory” includes social groups such as the Young Adults, the Couples and the Singles groups. Church-wide activities include quarterly pot-luck dinners, early and late summer picnics, camping and hiking trips and an annual weekend retreat.

Community Service Programs

The “laboratory” of Living Water Unity also includes community service opportunities where we can help lift the lives of others. These programs are dynamic and responsive to the present needs of the community. Each program emerges by the initiation of one passionate person, evolves as the church community participates and is released when the need is resolved.

Such programs may include student tutoring; prayer partnering with residents of elder care facilities; food, clothing and school supplies drives for financially challenged families; professional clothing drives for women entering the workforce; women’s shelter assistance; hospice support; etc.

Participating in these programs serves to open each of us to the expression of the indwelling Christ. “Love one another as I have loved you” becomes more than the words of a man living long ago in a distant land; these become part of us, transforming our lives, revealing our true nature as daughters and sons of the Living God.

Spiritual Explorers

Living Water Spiritual Community is a community of people seeking the spiritual and mystical roots of Christianity. The teachings and activities of Living Water Unity will nurture and empower you to realize the indwelling Christ by providing opportunities to discover, express and serve Spirit. See how you can make a difference in both your life and in the lives of others right now.

Each person in Living Water Unity, from the youngest to the oldest, is filled with unlimited potential, ready for that realization right now. Living Water Unity facilitates that realization by providing both a classroom and a laboratory to learn and to apply the principles of practical Christianity as taught by Jesus, the Christ. Our educational programs encourage your exploration and stimulate your conscious practice of these principles for the enhancement of your present life experience. Our community programs provide a safe haven for you to apply these principles while experiencing the benefits of giving of yourself in the service of others.