Counseling Services

Why Would I Need Counseling?

The mission of Living Water Spiritual Community is to empower and encourage each individual’s discovery of Self – the Christ presence dwelling within each of us. We facilitate this process through Sunday worship services, lessons, classes, self-directed spiritual practices, community spiritual practices and counseling.

The discovery of Self can be delayed by unhealed emotional injuries. The purpose of counseling is to facilitate the healing of these injuries. Three types of counseling are available through the church: crisis counseling, spiritual counseling and psychological counseling.

Crisis counseling is oriented to the temporary resolution of immediate issues threatening one’s mental or physical well being. Such immediate issues as the death of a loved one, domestic abuse, a family medical crisis or other situations causing extreme emotional distress can be addressed in crisis counseling. This counseling is usually provided by trained staff of the church.

Spiritual counseling addresses any or all of the emotional, physical, relational, prosperity and existential issues one might encounter in life. The method of therapy facilitated by our trained staff specifically draws upon the activity of the Holy Spirit to engage the healing process. Spiritual counseling focuses on becoming aware of and attending to the indwelling Healer and Guide. This counseling is not intended to replace psychological counseling when more rigorous therapy is appropriate. However, spiritual counseling can facilitate the healing process independent of or in association with psychological counseling. Usually spiritual counseling will not involve more than three counseling sessions.

Psychological counseling focuses on the healing of emotional and relational issues through the application of traditional and contemporary psychological therapies. This counseling is provided through professionals associated with but not employed by the church. Usually this process involves a number of counseling sessions with the therapist to evaluate the individual’s needs and to engage the appropriate process of therapy. Our minister can offer you recommendations of counselors based upon your particular needs.


The cost of counseling is sometimes an obstacle to its being used. One of our missions at Living Water Spiritual Community is to help you heal. We will not let cost be an obstacle to your using the counseling provided by our staff. While we do not specify a fixed fee for our counseling services, many people are uncomfortable with a “love offering,” feeling that it does not sufficiently define an appropriate payment for services. For this reason we suggest an hourly fee of $35, with accommodation gladly given to those that are not yet able to afford that amount. If you feel compelled to pay more for the services, we will gladly accept such payment to sponsor those who are unable to pay the suggested amount.

Our associate counselors who provide psychological counseling services do have a specific hourly fee schedule, each unique to the particular counselor. Most associate counselors provide an introductory session at a reduced rate. Please clarify the initial and on-going fee structure with our associate counselor before engaging her/his services.


We honor each person as having particular therapeutic needs at various times on the spiritual path. None of these needs are viewed as “negative” or “less than.” Each situation will, of course, be treated with utmost confidentiality. However, our counselors are required by Colorado law to report to the appropriate civil authority instances of child abuse that may presently threaten the safety of under-age children. Even in such situations, our counseling services are offered with the certainty that every person has the potential of perfectly expressing her/his indwelling Christ.

We bless you and encourage you as you learn from, move through and appreciate this most interesting experience we call “life.” Please let us know how we might help facilitate your progress.