Celebration Service

Singing is a wonderful way to come together as a community and to open our hearts to the presence of God — and so we begin the Sunday morning gathering with the accompaniment of our band, Ear Reverence:

  • Call to Worship — Love is Flowing Like a River
  • Raising a Joyful Noise — Congregation (including the children) singing three joy/devotional songs
  • Special Music — Provided by Ear Reverence
  • Honoring the Children — Blessing of the Children as they leave for Sunday School
  • Announcements and Celebrations
  • Reading of the Daily Word
  • Opening Prayer — Beginning with Surely the Presence
  • Minister’s Talk
  • Meditation — Beginning with I Cast All My Cares and ending with the congregation singing Alleluia
  • Offering and Special Music
  • Benediction — Let There Be Peace on Earth ending with the “Prayer of Protection”

Our gathering is followed by fellowship with delicious coffee, herbal tea and a variety of treats provided by the congregation members.

We look forward to your visiting us. Please let us know how we can serve you.