Board of Trustees Meetings

The Board of Trustees meets each month as prescribed by the Bylaws of the ministry. Our monthly Board meetings are open to any observer that wishes to attend. To ensure an efficient and effective meeting, participation of the observer in any discussion will be limited to pre-approved agenda items according to the following procedure:

A. the agenda item submission must be made in writing or by email to the President of the Board at least three days before the scheduled Board meeting at which the agenda item is to be discussed.
B. the agenda item submission must contain at least:
1.  a description of the item for discussion,
2.  anticipated effects on the operation of Living Water Spiritual Community,
3.  what stimulated the submission of the agenda item,
4.  what people in the ministry will be affected and how,
5.  the proposed participation by the person submitting the agenda item, and
6.  the expected discussion time for the agenda item.
C. the inclusion of the agenda item will be based on:
1.  the immediacy of the impact of the agenda item — if approved,
2.  significance of the impact (people, finances, ministry operations) of the agenda item — if approved,
3.  priority of agenda item relative to other items on the agenda (each Board meeting is limited to 2.5 hours), and
4.  other criteria as deemed appropriate by the President of the Board.
D. the President of the Board has sole responsibility for accepting agenda items from non-Board members.
E. Board members may submit their own agenda items without the President’s approval up until the time the agenda is approved at the Board meeting.