What If…

What if John and Paul were right? Yes, of course I meant Lennon and McCartney! What if all you need is love? Not the conditional love we use like a sword in our typical relationships with our verbal lunges and sweet parries – “SHOW me you love me by _____” or “I’ll love you IF _____ (you fill in the blanks)”, but the UNconditional love that we might experience in the sweet hug of a child by her mother or a dog might express so excitedly upon the return of his guardian.

What if you could recall your own experience of unconditional love where you felt your heart extend and envelop another, holding no expectations, allowing no intrusions of doubt (let’s call that your “touchstone”) – and then recall that loving experience whenever fear, frustration, doubt or disappointment might arise?

What if you chose in your quiet times to be immersed in that embrace of unconditional love? What if you became so skilled in recalling your touchstone that you chose every situation in which you found yourself to be held in that Loving Light?

What if every relationship, whether it was friendly or not, was seen through the lens of unconditional love? What if you looked beyond the appearance of the individual and saw, instead, that loving radiance placed there by the Divine?

What if every interaction began in your own consciousness with the choice of radiating that Loving Light? And regardless of the words, actions or countenance of the other, you continued radiating unconditional love?

What if this became your way of being ALL the time?

When Jesus is quoted as saying the two great commandments are all you need, was he really pointing us to “in-lighten-ment”?

We’re exploring the many facets and applications of the ONE Great Commandment on Sunday morning. Join us at 10 a.m. or tune in on our website at 10:30 a.m. each Sunday morning and we’ll explore this together.

In joy.