Ever noticed those small ads at the bottom or to the side of online articles that include the phrase “weird trick”? “A pro golfer reveals how one weird trick gets you a 20 yard longer, straighter drive.” “One weird trick saves you a ton on car insurance.” “A suburban housewife reveals one weird trick that makes the kids quiet down.” “One weird trick reduces your weight by 30 lbs.” Weird tricks must be fascinating to people because those ad writers can tell the number of hits their ads get, and that phrase keeps popping up.

So let me try it, “One weird trick ensures you have a happier, more peaceful life.” Hey, this is easy! “One weird trick brings more joy to your life.” Another one, “One weird trick makes your relationships more fulfilling and meaningful.” Wow, I could go on, “One weird trick helps you be more productive and prosperous.” Fantasies of a weird copywriter? Or maybe a copywriter that has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about or perhaps is just outright lying? Maybe.

Or maybe not. What if there was “one weird trick” that did all that? Looking up the definition of “weird” at www.thefreedictionary.com we find, ‘Of, relating to, or suggestive of the preternatural or supernatural’. This required that I look up “preternatural”, ‘Out of or being beyond the normal course of nature, differing from what is natural.’

Some would say that the trick I offer that would do all of the things I suggested above is ‘unnatural’, ‘not normal’ or ‘superhuman’. So in that sense, ‘weird’ might apply. But the reality is that what I suggest is natural, normal (in the sense everyone can do it) and very human (I contend that it is our very nature). Moreover, it doesn’t cost a thing. Perhaps that is why it is not common; no one has been able to patent it, profit from it and therefore, has not vigorously promoted it.

Certainly you’ll see books written about it (spoiler alert: I’ve even written one), workshops conducted with it as a central theme and various scriptures repeatedly referencing it. But the weird thing about it is that few people practice it. I can confidently say that because the condition of the world testifies to its absence.

The one weird trick? Give unconditional love in every situation, in every circumstance, in every relationship. Without exception. In every moment.

How will you know if you’re practicing unconditional love? You’ll find you have no expectations of others — you’ll see them as they are, with no baggage. You’ll celebrate their wholeness, regardless of whether they realize it or not. You’ll have no expectations of the moment — you’ll rejoice in its richness. You’ll be unencumbered by the “woulda’s, shoulda’s and coulda’s”, and able to focus on the moment, doing what you are called to do without distraction. And you’ll be guided to the highest and the best for all concerned, led by love and expressing that love.

Some might even think you’re weird.