After 14 years in ministry, I have been blessed with a three month sabbatical. Thanks to the team of volunteers and staff at Living Water Unity for stepping up so I can step out for the summer. Thanks also to a talented corps of guest speakers for stepping in to the Sunday lesson presentations to bless our community with their experience, perspective and wisdom. Thanks also to the Living Water commUnity for stepping forward to support the ministry in my absence. The energy of your presence fuels our community in many ways. Thank you all.

Two weeks into the sabbatical, I can attest that it is “working”. When I awake each morning, I ponder the deep question, “What day is it?” The days are starting to ease one into the next without any pressing deadline (that’s a foreboding word, isn’t it?). Perhaps the enlivening value of the sabbatical is letting go of that word. But is a sabbatical really necessary for that release? Hmmmm….

While not adhering to a firm schedule, my intentions for this sabbatical are to install a sprinkler system at our house (I find relaxation and satisfaction in tangible tasks) and to explore several threads of thought. Those identified threads, thus far, include: 1) the emergence of the wisdom movement (re-establishing the value we place on the contributions elders make to our culture), 2) the cause/effect relationship of consciousness and experience, and 3) further Biblical exploration. These explorations look promising — and I reserve the right to change my mind :).

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