July 12, 2017
  • Jazz@theCreek w/ Doug Roche Trio
    Starts: 7:30 pm
    Ends: July 12, 2017 - 9:30 pm

    Location: 7401 W. 59th Ave, Arvada, CO 80003


    Doug Roche has assembled an outstanding trio of musicians, including himself, of course! The desserts are delicious. The setting is an intimate coffee house. A wonderful evening is in store for all of us. Admittance is $10. Desserts are $3.

July 15, 2017
  • Adult Dinner Club
    Starts: 5:30 pm
    Ends: July 15, 2017 - 7:30 pm


    The Living Water Unity Dinner Club is coordinated by Scarlet Bridges. For questions, please contact her at

    Looking forward to seeing you.

July 16, 2017
  • Sacred Healing -- for appt contact Jeff @
    Starts: 11:30 am
    Ends: July 16, 2017 - 1:00 pm

    Location: 7401 W. 59th Ave, Arvada, CO 80003



    Unity came into being because of Myrtle Fillmore’s personal experience of spiritual healing. It was Charles Fillmore’s curiosity of the cause of her successful healing which led him to research the major religious traditions of the world, resulting in his and Myrtle’s formulation of the teachings of Unity. In the early days of Unity (in the late 1880’s), the primary focus of Myrtle’s healing practice was with physical and emotional healing of those that came to her after hearing of her success.

    Through the 120+ years since its founding, Unity has continued its healing tradition through prayer circles and other informal programs presented by each ministry’s spiritual leaders. These practices have been based on the principle that all healing occurs first in consciousness, then in the physical form.

    Sacred Healing practitioners at Living Water Unity continue that healing tradition today. Through the research of two medical professionals, Dr. Brugh Joy and Dr. Richard Moss, and the integration of Unity’s spiritual principles by Rev. Scott Sherman, a contemporary form of energetic healing has been developed that more deeply embeds the healing tradition in Unity. Our Sacred Healing practitioners have been certified in this healing practice and are honored to serve you in assisting with your own healing.


    A key principle of Unity’s Sacred Healing practice is that each of us was created whole and healed. Our “dis-ease” comes from restrictions in the free flow of our body’s life energy. The freely flowing energy can be facilitated by the practitioner “connecting” with 12 key energy points on the body (see diagram at right).

    The practitioner begins by seeing you as completely healed (as was Jesus’ practice) and holding you in unconditional love and high regard (done in the opening minutes of the sacred healing practice). The practitioner, with your permission, will lightly and progressively touch these 12 points and any other areas you request to receive special attention for healing. You may also request that the practitioner use ‘near touch’ instead. She/he will continue holding you in unconditional love, seeing you just as you were created – healed and whole.

    Upon completion of the progression through the energy points, she/he will then rest in meditation and silent prayer with you for a few minutes. She/he will then begin an intuitive ‘balancing’ of your body’s energy flow followed by the ‘regression’ through the 12 energy points.

    The process takes about 40 minutes to complete. You will be lying on your back, fully clothed, on a comfortable massage table the entire time.


    1. Heart
    2. Solar Plexus
    3. Mid-chest
    4. Spleen
    5. Navel
    6. Throat
    7. Hara
    8. Third Eye
    9. Knees
    10. Crown
    11. Feet
    12. Transpersonal Point

    Please feel free to ask the practitioner any questions or to express any anxiety you may have about the Sacred Healing practice. The practitioner’s intentions are that you feel safe, loved and open to the healing activity of God, the only Source of healing. If you have any concerns, it helps you to open to the healing process by expressing those concerns.

    For appointment contact Jeff Graef --

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