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Singer of Praises of Singer

Several years ago, in our Thursday evening discussion group,  we undertook the study of Michael Singer’s book The Untethered Soul. I found the material interesting and in agreement with my worldview; nevertheless, it moved into that fog of barely recalled content of a parade of philosophical/theological readings, thus I did not remember it as “transformative”. Still, it held […]

Anonymous Prayer? What’s that a...

Living Water Spiritual Community’s Silent Prayer Team receives prayer requests from our Prayer Coordinator with the first name of the “prayer client” and with a general prayer topic associated with the prayer request such as Healing, Prosperity, Closer Relationship with God, Relationship, etc. Those prayer requests can come in from forms filled out at the Center, […]

Monking Around

The visit by the Drepung Monks has ended — at least in a temporal sense. But their visit is still with me in my thoughts. I am finding the experience to have “remnant effects” — as many experiences do; otherwise, experiences would not be either instructive or transformative. But there was something about their presence […]

Betrayal to Blessing

We often look upon relationships as either “good” or “bad”, “useful” or “wasted”. We might view them as constructive or destructive, fulfilling or detrimental, often determining their value by the pleasure we seem to derive from them. It’s only human nature to avoid those that seem to be bad, wasted, destructive or detrimental. Life is […]

Quest for Certainty

I can imagine a tribe huddled in a cave deciding who is to pull watch that night. Several candidates are available, some of which have been known to fall asleep in the quiet, wee hours of the night, others have the reputation of being alert to every sound in the forest outside. Perhaps, in some […]

Unveiled in Vail

It’s a beautiful, hot summer day in Vail, CO. Honored to be part of a wedding ceremony to be held at the top of the Eagle Bahn Gondola,  Linda and I have had the opportunity to mosey around Vail, perusing the shops ($225 for a western hat that would fetch, maybe, $80 in Denver), enjoying […]